Hey, I'm Jaytee

Bespoke software developer using frameworks like Laravel and Vue to bring ideas and concepts to life.

What I've been working on

Los Santos County — https://ls-county.com

Dashboard application for a modified gameserver on C# for Grand Theft Auto: V, built on Laravel and Metronic. (Currently in development)


  • Manage all characters, in-game, via the control panel.
  • Applications; Background check a user and grant, or deny access to the server
  • Microtransactions for in-game purchases
  • Freemium services, offering a subscription-based business model.
  • See who's online in-game, in real time
  • Basic ticketing system for support services
  • And plenty more...

Parallel Network — Discontinued

Multi-service, full-fledged e-sports application to power the gamers of Australia and New Zealand


  • Enroll into tournaments for various game titles
  • Forum for community engagements
  • Ladder matches
  • Ticketing and live-chat support system
  • And plenty more...

A personal project to maintain passion whilst learning the Laravel framework some years ago. The idea came from the fact I was a volunteer for two major eSports providers, and decided to develop my own after learning Laravel.

I came to a decision to open-source this application, to showcase to beginner developers on how to piece together a website when first starting out in the web development industry.

You can find the Github Repository here

Donation Application

Accepting digital and physical donations via the medium of primary schools across New Zealand


  • Generate quick response codes (QR) and read them
  • Allow for donations via Stripe API
  • Link donation boxes to quick response codes, to identify classrooms
  • View analytics and reports
  • General management of users, schools etc

The application never made it to the production line due to the non-profit foundation going into liquidation, soon after the application was developed. It was built on the concept of a single-page application (SPA) where page reloads do not exist, when visiting a new page (e.g: a blazing fast interface); The data processor behind it was provided by Google Firebase for Authentication, and document storage, as per the requirements.

Organisation: http://www.0800hungry.org/

Other Employment

A design I drafted to replace the home page, in my spare time.

A design I drafted to replace the team page, in my spare time.

Hydrotech Monitoring — https://htmcomplete.com.au

A farmers best friend. Monitor your farm across a friendly interface, hooking into sensors and tractor data, and see how your crops are doing

WSP in New Zealand — https://www.wsp.com/en-NZ

I built a variety of applications and collaborated with the team on others, to meet the requirements of the companies processes and workflows, to maximise productivity and compatibility. Almost all applications were in-house.


  • An application to keep track of staff when they are outside of the office, with security measures such as dispatching emails to line managers when late on return.
  • Toolbox:
  • The ultimate app, with a subset of apps within. Generate courier labels addressed to other offices and employees, input invoices for purchases (to replace excel spreadsheets), currency conversion, staff lookup and others
  • Site Inspection:
  • A minimilistic app for engineers to log information about hazards and tasks on work sites, and then generate a formal report to hand off to the client
  • Resource Planner:
  • Keep track of billable and non-billable projects. Input your estimated and actual hours, and analyze your productivity and time productivity.
  • And much more....

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